Monday, May 13, 2013

Simple Monday

So I kind of felt like a really lame daughter this year because I didn't get my mom anything for Mother's Day; just a phone call and a chat about the usual. Does this make me a bad daughter? In defense, I didn't find anything that my mom would actually want. And I can't use the usual copout of flowers because she doesn't like them. But in honor of my Mom I found this, because if we're being honest, I can never find any of my crap. Maybe next year I'll do better...

I found this next gem on Pinterest. 
Oh the hours of life-sucking goodness I can find on there.
For those sad, sad souls who might not know who this is, this is a real man. 
Clark Gable. 
"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." 
Gone With the Wind ring any bells?
I just thought he looked so dashing here. Not to mention I can't express how much I love the name Clark. If I ever change my mind and have a kid, Clark would definitely be in the running.

Last but not least, another dashing man in my life. Scouter. 

 I've been actively trying to take more pictures. Scout unfortunately is the usual model, but recently I did a newborn session and a few quick shots of a new friend. I'll post them later this week. Now that a handful of people from work found out I take pictures, I've received a lot of compliments which I'm trying to accept with confidence. Which is hard, but I'm forcing myself to push past the feeling of insecurity into something bigger and better!