Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life can go ahead and slow on down any moment now. I would greatly appreciate it. I logged on to write my new blog post and my jaw dropped when I realized two weeks have absolutely zoomed by. Gone. Just like that. How do you make time slow down? I would really like to know. Just the other day someone at worked asked me when Evan got back from deployment, and I answered "Oh, he just got back in April...well actually...I guess that was 9 months ago." Really I'm just sitting trying to figure out where my entire year went, literately.

This is about how my year went in a blur:

I graduated from Asbury
Scout found me
New Years
Potty Training a puppy
Counting down the days until Evan got home
Collecting furniture for our home
Trip to Kentucky for Katie's bridal shower
Getting Evan home
Uncle Don's funeral
Moving to Tennessee
Job search
Trip home to Pennsylvania
Starting my job
Taylor Swift Concert
New Job
Working both jobs until Christmas; trying not to die
Sitting on the couch at 2a.m. writing this listening to Scout snore

All of that stuff feels like it's been compacted into just a few months, when in reality it's been an entire year. At this rate an entire year will feel like 5 minutes when I'm 90. Lately I feel like I have a never-ending list of things to do that will never get done. Goodness gracious I haven't even put up my Christmas tree yet and it's less than 2 weeks until Christmas! I need a new game plan to slow down time, my list of potental ideas are:
- Staring at a clock all day (it worked in high school and college)
- Taking up a tedious, unfavorable hobby
Yep. That's all I got.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving was a blessing. We got off on a late start leaving Wednesday, and didn't make it home until 3:00 in the morning, but I was just happy we were home. I was relieved that I got off from work to go home. Although a 10 hour car ride can make you feel trapped and tired, one of Evan and I's favorite things to do together is car rides. Our best conversations have been in a car. He asked me out in a car, so I guess that's where it all started. A long car ride lets us catch up on each other without interruptions or distractions, plus we get to hold hands. Evan found this song and let me listen to it on the way home, it's so adorable!

Speaking of things that are mushy and gushy...The most exciting thing that happened over break was Matt and Erica got engaged! She (and everyone else) had no idea, it was so great. I didn't believe her when she called and told me! I left for a single hour to take pictures and she gets engaged! Matt took her down to the riverfront in Kittanning, eventually ran out of sidewalk and had asked her. He was so adorable telling the story, he was still nervous just recalling it. I'm so happy for the two of them! Now I will have 2 brothers named Matt!

That night all the family got together for an engagement party
 Isn't her ring gorgeous?
 Opening engagement gifts

Things I am thankful for this year:

My loving, patient, strong, and supportive husband coming home safe, and being all together for the holidays this year

I'm so thankful that our families live so close to each other, so that Evan and I can always spend holidays with all of our family

Good health

The best friends and family a girl could ask for

The sweetest puppy ever

A beautiful warm home with nutritious food

A job in this tough economy

Paying off my student loans

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas music at the Slee home has officially made its way here! I usually have a rule that Christmas music can only start on your drive home from Thanksgiving...but, this year I couldn't help myself. Today I'm busy cleaning a bit and taking down all my fall decorations. Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet, but I know when we get home from our Pennsylvania visit I'm not going to feel like doing all the work it takes to tear it all down. Don't worry I'm refraining from putting up Christmas decorations for now, promise.

Evan and I also did some Christmas shopping, I can't say what I bought, just in case some family members decide to be nosey! I found this at Peir1:

 Oh Santa baby...riggghhhttt?? I think it brings out my Christmas spirit! Side note - I was quite disappointed with Peir1 they're stuff is pricey, and I didn't see much there I actually liked. Much of it seemed like I could find the same stuff at Big Lots only for half the price.

The weather here in TN has been amazing! I've never in all my life experienced such nice weather this far into fall! Today it was 67 and sunny! I wore jeans and a hoodie outside all day and didn't get cold once. At home we would have had a few dustings of snow by now! I will say, I don't miss Pennsylvania's weather. Hot or cold Scout and I like a good snuggle every now and then.
 Mini apple cranberry pies I made for work:

 Etienne Aigner leather shoes I got for $3
They are literately brand spankin new. My Grammy Grace found them while we were at a flea market.
Gosh I love a steal.

One of my best friends from high school had her baby yesterday! Isn't she absolutely beautiful?
Alexia Margaret 7lbs 1oz
I think she looks like her mommy.

I will say I'm not into babies in general. I've never been a baby loving person...I like babies, but mostly I feel like I'm going to accidentally drop them or make them cry, scar them for life, etc. But she is so cute. People are always oohing and awwing over babies, but believe me, if it's not a cute baby I will not ooh or ahhh. But this little girl almost makes me consider having one someday...then I think about all the

no sleep
more cleaning
no free time
getting fat
lotta money
keeping them around for 18+ years
hoping they won't be losers
pushing a freaking grapefruit out of me

You catch my drift.
Pretty much all that wipes the notion of that urge away as swiftly as it came.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes you finally realize you're a grown up.

 I think that finally happened to me after my visit at Asbury a few weeks ago. I was giddy with excitement to travel north to Lexington, KY for weekend back at college. I've had tickets for months to see Taylor Swift and all my old college friends, and now the weekend had finally arrived! From the first moment I visited Asbury University, before I even decided to go there, I loved it. Being a horse lover and owner throughout middle and high school only fueled my love for Lexington. Almost anywhere you drive you see beautiful bluegrass enclosed by never-ending fence lines. Horses. Oh goodness the horses make me weak at the knees. Everywhere you look there are hundred-thousand dollar horses. These hundred-thousand dollar horses can't just live in any old barn, no-way! The stables in the area are nicer than most houses! I wish I was joking.

Being able to go back for a weekend was a dream come true. Honestly, I've missed college life so much, alot more than I thought I would. Adjusting to married life has been hard. (Don't get me wrong I love it!) But there are alot of things I didn't think I would even notice, but now I do. Sometimes I missed living in a dorm with all my best friends just a door away. I missed my roommate. I missed going to classes (shocker I know). I missed chapel. I missed going on late night adventures. I missed laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. Asbury became home, and I desperately missed it. I think it's been harder because I've moved to place where I don't know the area, I don't know any people, and my family and friends are so far away.

A part of me still yearned to be back to school and to live the college life I once had, even after I got married. But after my weekend visit, I think I finally scratched the itch that had been nagging me for so long. That weekend I stayed up late talking with Krysti, ate out, went shopping at my favorite vintage store, stopped a Whole Foods, spent an afternoon with Katie, meet David Nail, sang my heart out with Taylor Swift, and before I knew it I was back in the car driving back to Nashville. A moment of overwhelming peace was surrounding me on my drive back home to my husband. I was no longer a college student. Yeah, the weekend was fantastic, but I don't belong there anymore. Nobody on campus was calling my name when I walked around. My old room was no longer mine. The study rooms and desks were not filled with the Fearless people I know and love. It was strange and sad, but also a really great feeling that I'm at a different part of my life now. And most importantly I'm completely ok with where I'm at.

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well here I am, finally!

Unfortunately I've been working every single day since Friday. Actually I still have to go in today from 1 to Those old people have really been testing my patience lately. I'll give it to them, they come up with some terribly creative questions to ask. 

"Why do we have coarse ground pepper? I want finely ground pepper. Do you have any?"
- Why yes, I'll go stone grind you up some in my spare time-

"Why do they set these coffee cups here? I don't drink coffee, can you move them, right now?"
(With my hands completely full already)
-I don't set the tables, they (those who do set the said table) don't know every single prefernce you have. And would it kill you to let it just sit there?!-

"I need more jelly."
-I bring more jelly-
"Oh I don't like grape jelly"

"There is melted butter all through the butter dish, it's disgusting! It needs cleaned!"
-YOU GUYS open the butters and dump them back in upside-down, just to see how long it will take until I clean do I know this? Because I just cleaned them all yesterday...thanks for making my job that much harder.-

"I need more coffee creamer."
-looks at table-You have coffee creamer right there-
- Are you really that lazy you can't even look for yourself?-

-brings food-
"Oh I didn't order this, I don't even like broccoli."
-bring menu-
-Broccoli circled-
"I didn't write that on there..."
-Oh right, the kitchen ghost did-

"Take this jelly off my table, I don't even use jelly!"
-Removes jelly-
"Where is the jelly?! I need some jelly?! Why is there never anything I need on my table!"

These are the questions I get every single day. Actually these are examples from just this past weekend. Lately I've realized that not only am I physically tired from working a 12 hour shift, but mentually I'm exhausted from dealing with these people everyday. I guess the most frustraiting thing about it all is I try, so hard, to make them happy. But, them being satisfied is never going to happen. It just feels like a loose, loose game. No matter what I do, no matter what I say, or how fast I bring things to them, they will never be happy...I hope when I'm older I can appreciate people helping me a little more. Maybe just a thank-you would be nice every now and then.

While at work I also got to participate in not 1 but 2 fire drills. It was so awesome. The best part about it was that both of the drills occurred 15 minutes before dinner, therefore making me hopelessly late. Last night the fire "drill" was an actual fire this time, (small electrical fire in the matenice room) and most of the people there didn't get it. It was raining, so none of them would go out there door, once we did get them pushed out the door they all kept trying to turn around to come inside. Eventually one of the nurses starting screaming "There is a real fire, if you don't get out the door you are going to get burned up in this building!!!" That caught their attention.

I hope I'm not sounding too bitter about my job. It's just been a rough couple of days lately. One thing after another without a break from it all. I have off Thursday-Sunday; I'm so excited to hang out at home with Evan and do NOTHING! It will be the first weekend since the middle of October that I've had free, and I'm not even a tiny bit mad about it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sometimes you sit around and watch TV all day with your dog.
This is precisely what I accomplished today. It's been the first day in weeks that I've had a day off to do nothing. No urgent cleaning, grocery shopping, packing, planning, etc. It felt great to do nothing for once.

The past four weeks have absolutely flown by.

I guess it is true that the older you get the faster life goes by. Now with holidays coming up I can only imagine how it's going to be January before I know it.

I will have to reminisce about my weekend at Asbury and my grandparents visit later this week.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow, is it already Monday?
This past week flew by...actually this whole month has flown past in the blink of an eye!
I can't believe it's almost November!

This past Thursday I found a new thrift store! "City Thrift"
I originally went in for stuffed animals for Scout. He chews up his toys so fast that I'm over buying him dog toys already. A cheap dog toy is $7-$8 and that's way too much for me to supply his "habit." haha I picked up 6 stuffed animals - a few even still had the tags on them - for 70 cents each! I feel kind of guilty sending them to a most assured dealth. I let him pick out one to keep, washed the rest, and put them away for Christmas. Then, I got pulled into the used clothes. They have some great things, but you really have to look to find the good stuff. Digging makes it that much more fun to me!

I found this "wrap" dress for $8! 

The other night I made a whole roast chicken. Needless to say we had a lot of leftover chicken, so I surfed the Internet and found a recipe for White Chicken Enchiladas. WOW was it good! Unfortunately I tend to forget that Evan and I are only two people...which means 3 days later of lunch and dinners of these bad boys and I think I'll hold off on making them again soon. But either way they were delicious!

I've worked the past two weekends so I can have the next two weekends off. Words cannot describe how excited I am. Let me tell you I have some freakin fabulous plans which involves:

LEXINGTON this weekend.


GRANDPARENTS next weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The past couple of days have been a little...emotional. Normally I'm not an emotional person, especially when it comes to moments of sadness, despair, or self-pity. Actually I hate crying, it's horrifyingly embarrassing to me. There is nothing good about it...runny noses, puffy eyes, snot, obnoxious noises, etc. Looking like I've had a bucket of water poured over my head after being stung by bees in my eyeballs is a look I try to stay away from; even watching someone else cry makes me cringe. Crying means it has beat me, and admitting that...well I tend not too. Ask any of my best friends and most of them can tell you they have never seen me cry, almost all of them.

Usually my go-to emotion is anger. It's bad I know.

For example, one day my best friend Katie and I were sitting down in the cafeteria to have some lunch. Across the way from us a girl was sitting by herself bawling her eyes out. My sweet friend, bless her heart, had the correct reaction of hoping she was ok. I on the other hand became completely enraged by this girl. WHY in the world would you sit in the middle of the cafeteria for all of campus mankind to watch you sit there and blow snot everywhere?!?! What is wrong with you? Aren't you embarrassed? Go to your room! Go hide in your CPO box! Go anywhere but here!

See? I told you it was bad.

I guess you could say I've been a little more of a softie this week.
I've been thinking about going to Grad. School in a half serious half what-am-I-thinking way, and my dad sent me a simple text about it that said: "Go for it, life's too short."
...and I almost starting crying at work! But really life is so short...

This past week Uncle Don has been gone 6 months. Sometimes it still really don't feel like hes gone yet. I think about Thanksgiving coming up and I get excited to see all of my family, but then I remember he won't be there this year, and then it doesn't seem so great anymore.

I miss him so much.

We always had a lot of fun together, I think it's because we had the same sarcastic sense of humor. Plus we both love good food, cooking shows, milkshakes, and a good piece of jewelry or many good conversations and laughs. He could always make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. While I was away at school we stayed in touch through facebook messages. I go back and read them all the time, and now I'm so glad I have them.

"Remember there will be rough times but the happy and fun ones I wish outweigh them tenfold..... Now said that ... did you watch Top Chef tonight ..??"

"You suck at German because for some reason my father thinks we are German .... when in reality we are French ........ that might be your problem........"

"We can even sneak in some liquor and have nightcaps before going to bed .... LOL,...... Oh I love you my darling ... hope this finds everything well with you."

"Happy Labor Day !!!!! Hope all is going well ... miss hanging out with you now that your gone...... I know your busy but keep in touch with your Uncle Don remember I have cancer....... :):) love YOU !!!!!"

Even when he was so sick he still had his sense of humor:

"Meredith ... promise I wont bother you on here... this is for young people but give me a break..... love this love that ... love... love.... love ... WHATEVER!!!!!! I need to go puke........ love you!!!!"

"I have faith in you ...... you keep you faith in me and I you and we will both be okay...."

 "I am not dealing with it as well as I would like and to be honest with you am very scared ..... It will be okay ... I too have been doing alot of praying and although the answers are not clear am sure they are being heard and will be answered in time.... One funny story about that is the other night I was having a pity me moment late at night and I asked GOD to send Grandma Irwin to see me because she always takes such good care of me (even though everyone thinks I am crazy) .... well I finally fell asleep and in my dream I went to a place that Grandma Irwin was working and when I went inside she handed me this lunchbox and told me to take it and go eat it because she was too busy at the time to eat lunch .... so I guess that was god saying she too is busy at the moment but will get with me eventually."

He was so brave through all the chemo, radiation, and surgeries.

I hate it that hes gone, but I know hes in heaven with Grandma Irwin and having the time of his life. Before all this I really never had the want to be in heaven with Jesus. I mean life here is pretty good and there are still a lot of things I wanted to do...but now I really am ready to go anytime God wants me too. I know there is someone waiting for me.

I have so many reasons now to live life in such a different way than I did before. I may only have tomorrow; I feel that and I understand that. I know I will be sure to take advantage of everyday that I have because I do. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I came home to a crazy wild beast...also known as Scout.
He has been alone for way too long today.
Tonight it's just me and the beast. Evan is on duty so hes at work until tomorrow morning. Poor guy has to be up all night, I hate that. Normally I rejoice when I have the bed to myself since I hate being touched when I sleep, but tonight it's freezing in the house and I wouldn't mind a snuggle buddy for once. Who am I kidding. I LOVE SLEEPING ALONE! (Sorry Mr. Slee...I really do feel bad you have to be up all night though)

I've still been working on bringing the spookiness of Halloween to the house. I really need some of these for my front stoop:

 and these:

Secretly I hate to buy real just have to buy more next year! Artificial pumpkins are SO expensive, and the artificial pumpkins I have my eye on are ginormously awesome. They also come with a ginormous price tag. I think this year I'm going to hold out, not buy anything, and hope I can get some after the holiday cheap(er).

This year Halloween is at my house via .99 cent bags of cobwebs, paper cut outs, and mom's hand-me-down Halloween decorations. Surprisingly for what I have, it looks fantastic if I do say so myself. I mean it's not on the Martha Stewart level, but for our first Halloween it will do. And to top it off - Scout has only ate one strand of fake leaves so far!

I did find organic Halloween candy that is just about the same cost as the mixed bags of snickers, milky-ways, etc. The only problem I have is how much to buy? Will our neighborhood be infested with children? Will no one show up? Will I eat it all before they come? We might never know.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First off I have to start by saying happy anniversary to my best friend.

7 years ago today I was sitting in the front seat of a Jeep wondering what the heck this guy this getting at...well long story short, I'm glad I said yes to his poor attempt at asking for a date. Happy 7 years strong!

Today was cleaning day, but before the cleaning could commence Scout and I received a package in the mail from Grandma Wendy. Can you see the excitement on his face? He is so adorable. AND look how cute the package was decorated, my mom is so crafty.


Inside there were so many goodies!

How awesome are these candy bar covers? Milky-Ways, Reese's peanut butter cups, Rollo's, and Gardner's Milk Chocolate bars were all wrapped up in bright fall paper, with little details of bows, ribbons, and flowers. I almost don't want to eat them...almost. Luckily the papers slip right off and can be reused with new candy bars! My trick-or-treaters are going to be in shock and awe!

Grammy Grace also send me some Chi Latte K-cups via Mom's Halloween package! They are delicious! There was also a cute pumpkin for decoration, and a handmade picture book to add pictures of our family over the years.

To top it all off all of these things were packed into a new puppy bag for Scout. My mom even attached his name along the top...she is seriously the best! I'm so lucky to have such an awesome mom who has so many creative talents!

And of course Scout had presents too! A bone, biscuits, beggin strips.....and drum roll please! A new toy! (Thanks grandma, all his old toys are shreds! literately)

Now for the most exciting part of the day...laundry! I'll be honest, cleaning didn't really commence until a lot later in the day...I'm not very motivated when it comes to cleaning sometimes. Try not to look for my underwear in the picture, rude.

Please take a moment to enter the diary of this thug-life, house-wife.





Here's my homedawg Scoutizzle

I'm cleanin out my closet...

Really I became a thug today because my hair was crazy. Hence the hod.
Ok I'm done being ridiculous now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Try #2
100% Whole Wheat Bread
Isn't it a beautiful artisan loaf? It really turned out perfect this time!

Too bad I didn't make it.
That's right you're looking at him.

I live with the male version of Betty Crocker.

It's slightly annoying having a husband who can cook and bake better than me. Actually it's more than slightly annoying for me, and of course he knows this and has to rub it in. The funny thing is not a lot of people could guess this unknown (now known) fact about my man. Not only can he kill wild animals (with his bare hands...duh), shoot guns, shave, drive a manly car, but by golly he can BAKE! My loaf of bread tasted good but not great. Evan's turned out rich, soft, and perfectly sweet. On top of that you saw that mine was ugly and deflated, this one looks like it's from a gourmet bakery! One of these days...I'll beat him in his culinary quest at something...when I do I'll let you know.

Really my brain won't stop thinking about this: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I knew this weekend was going to be good from the get-go.
 Grammy Grace sent me a package in the mail! Magazines!
Evan has a 4 day weekend.
I have a 3 day weekend.
Scout is being extra cute.

Consisted of lots of sleeping in...especially from the male parties in the house.

Organic eggs, organic homemade wheat toast, --not organic, totally unhealthy canned corn beef hash.

After our awesome breakfast we took Scouter for a morning walk, and then came home and watched SUV (typical). Overall Friday was pretty lazy, low-key, with lots of cups of tea and coffee.

We decided to get outside since it was so beautiful out. We found a place for canoe rentals which was kind of at a sketchy campground but it worked. I was really excited since I've never really canoed for more than 20 minutes...well lets just say this picture (below) was taken at the very start of the trip, hence why I look like I'm having fun.

I soon found out canoeing is a lot of work, and after about 45 minutes I was ready to be done...too bad it was a 4 hour canoeing experience.

Evan and I also learned we are bad communicators, and still need to work on our communication skills from time to time. There were many moments where our canoe was going sideways, getting stuck on rocks, and running into the shore. For part of the trip there was a lot of yelling from both ends of the canoe. Sometimes we fight, oops.

At least it was pretty outside! ...and don't worry we made up.

By the end our tushies were very sore...I guess I'm just more of a pontoon boat kind of girl.

For dinner I made lentil tacos. Evan supposedly has high cholesterol...says his doctor, (he is so skinny, I'm not really sure how this is possible) so I've been trying to cut out meat completely at least once a week. Evan isn't exactly crazy about beans in the first place (actually saying he hates them is an understatement) But he was a good sport and tried them anyway. They weren't bad at all, but I'll say I'm a bigger fan of meat myself.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Bass Pro Shop
Finding a Swamp People T-shirt with Troy quote on it "CHOOT EM!"
Spending too much $ at Bass Pro Shop
Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby Fail
TJ Max instead
Finding something super cute for Krysti Leonard
Spontaneous dinner at Freedom Deli
Evan - Car Washing
Meredith - Weeding and porch sweeping
Scout - Digging and eating disgusting unknown objects
Top Shot and SUV

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today I worked from 6-10. The morning started out a little rough...the coffee pot broke. Now I know to most people this doesn't seem like a huge deal, but for me it mean the difference between a normal morning and a riot of old people running at me with their scooters, canes, and walkers demanding the liquid gold! Not to sound dramatic, but it could have been bad...they love their coffee. Luckily for them I'm also a part-time mechanic and I managed to find the piece that had fallen off and fixed it just in time.

 The best thing about getting off at 10:00 is that you have the rest of the day ahead of you, which is such a great feeling! I was going to take Scout for a walk, but he was too exhausted from his previous endeavor of shredding the cardboard box I had all my "give-away" clothes in. Thanks buddy. So while Scout napped I decided to make some whole wheat bread.

I feel like nobody makes bread anymore, at least not for your everyday eating. Homemade bread makes people ooh and ahh like it's a rare delicacy, when in reality it is one of the simplest things you can make. I've made lots of white bread (really REALLY easy), but I've been a little nervous to try a whole wheat recipe. Don't ask me why, it just seems scarier using things with names like flax seed, wheat germ, and vital wheat gluten in them. Bread was the thing that made me realize that I really wanted to go all organic in our kitchen. Evan and I went home to Pennsylvania on a month leave after he got home from deployment. I accidently left a loaf of bread in the cuboard. When we got home I pulled it out, and I was horrified to find that it looked exactly the same as the day I bought it! ---we were gone an entire month people! That really can't be healthy! Homemade bread stales so quickly that Evan and I have a hard time eating a whole loaf before we have to resort to using for toast and grilled cheese only. I started buying Rudi's Organic Bread at the grocery store, it is delcious and more nutritious for a store brand, but there are 3 things I'm not crazy about. 1. The slices are "heafty" which some people might love, but for us it's just too much bread. 2. These heafty slices come with a heafty price of around $4.95 a loaf. 3. You don't get as many slices as a normal loaf of bread, which means you end up paying more, but getting less (amount) that you would normally. Now I understand that everything organic is more expensive, but really I just want to be able to controll what we are eating. No more preservitives, chemicals, hormones, etc. just simple, good food. If I make my own bread I know exactly what is going into it, and I can make it just the way we like it.

I made my way to the organic departement in Kroger and found that Bob's Red Mill flour was the only kind they carried. So, with all the options I tried Bob's Red Mill whole wheat flour and I also picked up a package of vital wheat gluten (scary). I got the whole wheat recipe here. It was simple to follow, and turned out ok...but the top of my loaf deflated in the oven.

 See the sad, deflated top?

Grammy Grace and Pap's homemade Applebutter makes it AWESOME.

It still tastes great and is still fluffy and soft, which I wasn't expecting for a "whole wheat" loaf. I still might subsitute 1/3 white flour 2/3 whole wheat flour just to make it more wheat bread instead of WHEAT bread, if you know what I mean. I also want to add some wheat germ and flax seed, which both are supossedly extremely nutritious. For 1/4 of the price per organic loaf in the supermarket, it wasn't half bad! It definetly wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but I'll have to perfect it a little more.

“All sorrows are less with bread.”
Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author. (1547-1616)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh hey there Gene Kelly. Don't mind me.

Seriously girls, you can take Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Matt Damon...or whatever your fancy, I'll stick with Mr. Kelly. Maybe it's because he is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, maybe it's because he can dance, act, and sing, or maybe it's because hes adorable, but I love Gene Kelly. One of my favorite movies of all time is Singing in the Rain---but seriously all googly eyes aside he was extremely talented.
I'm not crazy about this song, but the man is dancing on roller skates...I'm speechless.

I mean I can't leave out Singing in the Rain!

I get a huge stupid grin on my face every time I watch him dance. He makes it look so easy!

He told Debbie Reynolds that she was a horrible dancer leaving her in tears and forcing her to practice up to19 hour long days. After filming the "Good Morning" scene from Singing in the Rain, Reynolds had to be carried off set because she broke so many blood vessels in her feet. The only thing Gene said was that someone needed to dub her tap sounds, so he immediately went to the dubbing room and began dubbing the sound of her feet as well as his own. Donald O'Connor even said he didn't enjoy working with Kelly because Kelly would scream at him if he didn't get the steps right. He was an extreme perfectionist, but his dancing routines were so natural. I know this makes him sound crazy, but how many people put this much detail and pride into their work? --Not many-- I guess I see it more of a respectful quality that I admire.

Ok ok I'll stop swooning now, I need to go grocery shopping and clean my house.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Yesterday when I was driving home I made sure to stop and enjoy the summer smell of cut grass for one of the last times this year, because today there is a chill in the air. The crispness of fall is moving in! I've already started celebrating!

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frapp. Nom nom nom  
                       The perfect temperature outside                     

(Organic) Apple Cobbler

Halloween Decorations!

I'm still working on some paper cut outs for my Halloween decorations. If I do say so myself, it's going to look pretty awesome. I have an old smiling moon, flying witches, and masks to put on my pictures to make them spooky.

In other breaking news:

I received a $10 parking ticket (typical)

Our neighbors new puppy sounds like a small child being strangled when it cries
aka I panic and run outside everytime

Went to the store to buy stuff to make peperoni & veggie pizza and didn't buy peperoni
therefore we had vegitarian pizza

Less than a month from today I will be in Lexington with my best friend seeing Taylor Swift!

My lucky bamboo plant lost its luck. I think I killed it

Tonight I have a hot date to see the Screwtape Letters play in Nashville #winning