Sunday, October 9, 2011

I knew this weekend was going to be good from the get-go.
 Grammy Grace sent me a package in the mail! Magazines!
Evan has a 4 day weekend.
I have a 3 day weekend.
Scout is being extra cute.

Consisted of lots of sleeping in...especially from the male parties in the house.

Organic eggs, organic homemade wheat toast, --not organic, totally unhealthy canned corn beef hash.

After our awesome breakfast we took Scouter for a morning walk, and then came home and watched SUV (typical). Overall Friday was pretty lazy, low-key, with lots of cups of tea and coffee.

We decided to get outside since it was so beautiful out. We found a place for canoe rentals which was kind of at a sketchy campground but it worked. I was really excited since I've never really canoed for more than 20 minutes...well lets just say this picture (below) was taken at the very start of the trip, hence why I look like I'm having fun.

I soon found out canoeing is a lot of work, and after about 45 minutes I was ready to be done...too bad it was a 4 hour canoeing experience.

Evan and I also learned we are bad communicators, and still need to work on our communication skills from time to time. There were many moments where our canoe was going sideways, getting stuck on rocks, and running into the shore. For part of the trip there was a lot of yelling from both ends of the canoe. Sometimes we fight, oops.

At least it was pretty outside! ...and don't worry we made up.

By the end our tushies were very sore...I guess I'm just more of a pontoon boat kind of girl.

For dinner I made lentil tacos. Evan supposedly has high cholesterol...says his doctor, (he is so skinny, I'm not really sure how this is possible) so I've been trying to cut out meat completely at least once a week. Evan isn't exactly crazy about beans in the first place (actually saying he hates them is an understatement) But he was a good sport and tried them anyway. They weren't bad at all, but I'll say I'm a bigger fan of meat myself.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Bass Pro Shop
Finding a Swamp People T-shirt with Troy quote on it "CHOOT EM!"
Spending too much $ at Bass Pro Shop
Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby Fail
TJ Max instead
Finding something super cute for Krysti Leonard
Spontaneous dinner at Freedom Deli
Evan - Car Washing
Meredith - Weeding and porch sweeping
Scout - Digging and eating disgusting unknown objects
Top Shot and SUV

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