Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh hey there Gene Kelly. Don't mind me.

Seriously girls, you can take Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Matt Damon...or whatever your fancy, I'll stick with Mr. Kelly. Maybe it's because he is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, maybe it's because he can dance, act, and sing, or maybe it's because hes adorable, but I love Gene Kelly. One of my favorite movies of all time is Singing in the Rain---but seriously all googly eyes aside he was extremely talented.
I'm not crazy about this song, but the man is dancing on roller skates...I'm speechless.

I mean I can't leave out Singing in the Rain!

I get a huge stupid grin on my face every time I watch him dance. He makes it look so easy!

He told Debbie Reynolds that she was a horrible dancer leaving her in tears and forcing her to practice up to19 hour long days. After filming the "Good Morning" scene from Singing in the Rain, Reynolds had to be carried off set because she broke so many blood vessels in her feet. The only thing Gene said was that someone needed to dub her tap sounds, so he immediately went to the dubbing room and began dubbing the sound of her feet as well as his own. Donald O'Connor even said he didn't enjoy working with Kelly because Kelly would scream at him if he didn't get the steps right. He was an extreme perfectionist, but his dancing routines were so natural. I know this makes him sound crazy, but how many people put this much detail and pride into their work? --Not many-- I guess I see it more of a respectful quality that I admire.

Ok ok I'll stop swooning now, I need to go grocery shopping and clean my house.

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