Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow, is it already Monday?
This past week flew by...actually this whole month has flown past in the blink of an eye!
I can't believe it's almost November!

This past Thursday I found a new thrift store! "City Thrift"
I originally went in for stuffed animals for Scout. He chews up his toys so fast that I'm over buying him dog toys already. A cheap dog toy is $7-$8 and that's way too much for me to supply his "habit." haha I picked up 6 stuffed animals - a few even still had the tags on them - for 70 cents each! I feel kind of guilty sending them to a most assured dealth. I let him pick out one to keep, washed the rest, and put them away for Christmas. Then, I got pulled into the used clothes. They have some great things, but you really have to look to find the good stuff. Digging makes it that much more fun to me!

I found this "wrap" dress for $8! 

The other night I made a whole roast chicken. Needless to say we had a lot of leftover chicken, so I surfed the Internet and found a recipe for White Chicken Enchiladas. WOW was it good! Unfortunately I tend to forget that Evan and I are only two people...which means 3 days later of lunch and dinners of these bad boys and I think I'll hold off on making them again soon. But either way they were delicious!

I've worked the past two weekends so I can have the next two weekends off. Words cannot describe how excited I am. Let me tell you I have some freakin fabulous plans which involves:

LEXINGTON this weekend.


GRANDPARENTS next weekend.

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