Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First off I have to start by saying happy anniversary to my best friend.

7 years ago today I was sitting in the front seat of a Jeep wondering what the heck this guy this getting at...well long story short, I'm glad I said yes to his poor attempt at asking for a date. Happy 7 years strong!

Today was cleaning day, but before the cleaning could commence Scout and I received a package in the mail from Grandma Wendy. Can you see the excitement on his face? He is so adorable. AND look how cute the package was decorated, my mom is so crafty.


Inside there were so many goodies!

How awesome are these candy bar covers? Milky-Ways, Reese's peanut butter cups, Rollo's, and Gardner's Milk Chocolate bars were all wrapped up in bright fall paper, with little details of bows, ribbons, and flowers. I almost don't want to eat them...almost. Luckily the papers slip right off and can be reused with new candy bars! My trick-or-treaters are going to be in shock and awe!

Grammy Grace also send me some Chi Latte K-cups via Mom's Halloween package! They are delicious! There was also a cute pumpkin for decoration, and a handmade picture book to add pictures of our family over the years.

To top it all off all of these things were packed into a new puppy bag for Scout. My mom even attached his name along the top...she is seriously the best! I'm so lucky to have such an awesome mom who has so many creative talents!

And of course Scout had presents too! A bone, biscuits, beggin strips.....and drum roll please! A new toy! (Thanks grandma, all his old toys are shreds! literately)

Now for the most exciting part of the day...laundry! I'll be honest, cleaning didn't really commence until a lot later in the day...I'm not very motivated when it comes to cleaning sometimes. Try not to look for my underwear in the picture, rude.

Please take a moment to enter the diary of this thug-life, house-wife.





Here's my homedawg Scoutizzle

I'm cleanin out my closet...

Really I became a thug today because my hair was crazy. Hence the hod.
Ok I'm done being ridiculous now.

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