Saturday, October 15, 2011

I came home to a crazy wild beast...also known as Scout.
He has been alone for way too long today.
Tonight it's just me and the beast. Evan is on duty so hes at work until tomorrow morning. Poor guy has to be up all night, I hate that. Normally I rejoice when I have the bed to myself since I hate being touched when I sleep, but tonight it's freezing in the house and I wouldn't mind a snuggle buddy for once. Who am I kidding. I LOVE SLEEPING ALONE! (Sorry Mr. Slee...I really do feel bad you have to be up all night though)

I've still been working on bringing the spookiness of Halloween to the house. I really need some of these for my front stoop:

 and these:

Secretly I hate to buy real just have to buy more next year! Artificial pumpkins are SO expensive, and the artificial pumpkins I have my eye on are ginormously awesome. They also come with a ginormous price tag. I think this year I'm going to hold out, not buy anything, and hope I can get some after the holiday cheap(er).

This year Halloween is at my house via .99 cent bags of cobwebs, paper cut outs, and mom's hand-me-down Halloween decorations. Surprisingly for what I have, it looks fantastic if I do say so myself. I mean it's not on the Martha Stewart level, but for our first Halloween it will do. And to top it off - Scout has only ate one strand of fake leaves so far!

I did find organic Halloween candy that is just about the same cost as the mixed bags of snickers, milky-ways, etc. The only problem I have is how much to buy? Will our neighborhood be infested with children? Will no one show up? Will I eat it all before they come? We might never know.

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  1. buy the kids real snickers mere. don't be that girl.