Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well here I am, finally!

Unfortunately I've been working every single day since Friday. Actually I still have to go in today from 1 to Those old people have really been testing my patience lately. I'll give it to them, they come up with some terribly creative questions to ask. 

"Why do we have coarse ground pepper? I want finely ground pepper. Do you have any?"
- Why yes, I'll go stone grind you up some in my spare time-

"Why do they set these coffee cups here? I don't drink coffee, can you move them, right now?"
(With my hands completely full already)
-I don't set the tables, they (those who do set the said table) don't know every single prefernce you have. And would it kill you to let it just sit there?!-

"I need more jelly."
-I bring more jelly-
"Oh I don't like grape jelly"

"There is melted butter all through the butter dish, it's disgusting! It needs cleaned!"
-YOU GUYS open the butters and dump them back in upside-down, just to see how long it will take until I clean do I know this? Because I just cleaned them all yesterday...thanks for making my job that much harder.-

"I need more coffee creamer."
-looks at table-You have coffee creamer right there-
- Are you really that lazy you can't even look for yourself?-

-brings food-
"Oh I didn't order this, I don't even like broccoli."
-bring menu-
-Broccoli circled-
"I didn't write that on there..."
-Oh right, the kitchen ghost did-

"Take this jelly off my table, I don't even use jelly!"
-Removes jelly-
"Where is the jelly?! I need some jelly?! Why is there never anything I need on my table!"

These are the questions I get every single day. Actually these are examples from just this past weekend. Lately I've realized that not only am I physically tired from working a 12 hour shift, but mentually I'm exhausted from dealing with these people everyday. I guess the most frustraiting thing about it all is I try, so hard, to make them happy. But, them being satisfied is never going to happen. It just feels like a loose, loose game. No matter what I do, no matter what I say, or how fast I bring things to them, they will never be happy...I hope when I'm older I can appreciate people helping me a little more. Maybe just a thank-you would be nice every now and then.

While at work I also got to participate in not 1 but 2 fire drills. It was so awesome. The best part about it was that both of the drills occurred 15 minutes before dinner, therefore making me hopelessly late. Last night the fire "drill" was an actual fire this time, (small electrical fire in the matenice room) and most of the people there didn't get it. It was raining, so none of them would go out there door, once we did get them pushed out the door they all kept trying to turn around to come inside. Eventually one of the nurses starting screaming "There is a real fire, if you don't get out the door you are going to get burned up in this building!!!" That caught their attention.

I hope I'm not sounding too bitter about my job. It's just been a rough couple of days lately. One thing after another without a break from it all. I have off Thursday-Sunday; I'm so excited to hang out at home with Evan and do NOTHING! It will be the first weekend since the middle of October that I've had free, and I'm not even a tiny bit mad about it.

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