Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas music at the Slee home has officially made its way here! I usually have a rule that Christmas music can only start on your drive home from Thanksgiving...but, this year I couldn't help myself. Today I'm busy cleaning a bit and taking down all my fall decorations. Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet, but I know when we get home from our Pennsylvania visit I'm not going to feel like doing all the work it takes to tear it all down. Don't worry I'm refraining from putting up Christmas decorations for now, promise.

Evan and I also did some Christmas shopping, I can't say what I bought, just in case some family members decide to be nosey! I found this at Peir1:

 Oh Santa baby...riggghhhttt?? I think it brings out my Christmas spirit! Side note - I was quite disappointed with Peir1 they're stuff is pricey, and I didn't see much there I actually liked. Much of it seemed like I could find the same stuff at Big Lots only for half the price.

The weather here in TN has been amazing! I've never in all my life experienced such nice weather this far into fall! Today it was 67 and sunny! I wore jeans and a hoodie outside all day and didn't get cold once. At home we would have had a few dustings of snow by now! I will say, I don't miss Pennsylvania's weather. Hot or cold Scout and I like a good snuggle every now and then.
 Mini apple cranberry pies I made for work:

 Etienne Aigner leather shoes I got for $3
They are literately brand spankin new. My Grammy Grace found them while we were at a flea market.
Gosh I love a steal.

One of my best friends from high school had her baby yesterday! Isn't she absolutely beautiful?
Alexia Margaret 7lbs 1oz
I think she looks like her mommy.

I will say I'm not into babies in general. I've never been a baby loving person...I like babies, but mostly I feel like I'm going to accidentally drop them or make them cry, scar them for life, etc. But she is so cute. People are always oohing and awwing over babies, but believe me, if it's not a cute baby I will not ooh or ahhh. But this little girl almost makes me consider having one someday...then I think about all the

no sleep
more cleaning
no free time
getting fat
lotta money
keeping them around for 18+ years
hoping they won't be losers
pushing a freaking grapefruit out of me

You catch my drift.
Pretty much all that wipes the notion of that urge away as swiftly as it came.

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