Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This is what I want my 2014 to look like.

1. Be more creative.

I felt at one time, not so long ago, I had so many creative ideas leaking out of my body that I didn't know what to do with them all. Sometimes I blurted them out here, sometimes I took pictures, and sometimes I just read a really good book and dreamt up a hundred new endings. Now I feel grey and dull. I couldn't come up with a single semi-interesting idea right now if I had to. I absolutely hate feeling this way. Life isn't meant to be lived in black and white. I'm on the treadmill of life, rushing along each day until I can quit my job or get my floors scrubbed. Really I'm just being lazy because its a lot easier to sit on the couch every evening, mindlessly watching a TV show, than to force myself out of this funk and create something. But here I sit, publicly declaring a more creative Meredith for 2014.

2. Be a better encourager.

Many, many times throughout my days last year I had moments where I wanted to compliment a stranger or text someone a few words of encouragement, but I didn't. It just felt weird and awkward; instead I stayed quiet. A short, simple card with a few positive words can literately change someones entire week, and I want to be the person that does that for people on a consistent basis. The worst thing that could happen is I might come off as a little strange, (which probably happens regularly normally) so I'm ok with it.

3. Build some muscle.

Now that I have better self control over making healthier eating choices, I feel like its time I incorporate building some muscle. Before I could have never done both endeavors at once. I walk Scout almost a mile everyday, granted its just a stroll, but its still something. But, the last time I carried in groceries I felt like Gumby. I felt embarrassed that I was struggling to carry food 10 steps from my car into the house. Basically it comes down to knowing its time.    

Overall, I'm super excited for this year. Last year my main goal was to be better organized. I can truly say that I have completely accomplished this goal, and it feels great! My house is consistently clean and organized. Look in any drawer in my house, I dare you! Believe it or not you will not find clutter. My hamper isn't overflowing and my clothes are put away. It gives me a whole new confidence into knowing that I can indeed reach goals I set. Along with setting new goals, there are so many adventures in store for Evan and I! We will be moving not once, but twice this year. Once to Georgia for 6 months, and then to another unknown destination, which is all part of the excitement for us. Maybe Evan will stay in the Army, maybe he won't. Maybe I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe we will live in Germany, Alaska, or Colorado. There are so many "maybes," but I'm more excited for this year to work on changing myself for the better. Its not a year where I'm going to be counting down the days until a deployment comes, or will end. I'm not focused on school, applying for jobs, or fixing my house. I'm so happy that I can take these next 6 months and literately focus on making me the best version of me possible. Here is to 2014! Lets do this!  

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