Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meredith Currently...

Obsessing new hair. I finally chopped it all off, and I don't regret it at all!

This idea started last year and I finally mustered up the courage to do it. I ended up cutting about 8-10 inches off. When my hair stylist first turned me around my initial inner panic took off. "Oh my gosh, what have I done, its so short...I don't think I like it it...Don't freak out...umm...ok...I like it...ahhh...No, I love it. Wait, do I look like a boy? No, I definitely love it!" All that to say, I doubted myself for a second, but I'm so happy I did it. I finally feel like an adult. Is it weird that I had to cut all my hair off to do that? Prior to super short hair, I felt like a 19 year old that happened to be married and have a job. Probably because I was always being confused as a high school student. Now I have a whole new attitude and confidence about myself. "Heck yeah, I'm 24 and I can buy this bottle of wine and drink it like a grown-up, suckers!" ...but don't tell my mom...haha kidding. But really, this hair is the new confident start to 2014 that I needed.

Wishing for...a new hat. With my short hair I'm even more obsessed with hats. I especially love Bowler hats. Although I'm having a hard time finding a quality hat that isn't $300. I can't wait to wear them all summer long! I'm thinking of something like these...


Thinking about...oh where do I even start. I have about 4 To Do lists scattered between my house and work. I can't even begin to form functional sentences about what is jumping through my head. It was a struggle to get my act together to write this. Therefore I will bullet point my thoughts below:

* A million books I want to read
* Making a meal schedule of lunches/dinners
* Photos to edit
* Things I need to clean and organize
* A certain puppies face I want to kiss
* Creative things <--- I know, only incredibly deep thoughts found here.
* House searches & moving plans
* Grocery list
* I have to pee
* Other writing drafts I have saved
* My school bag needs cleaned out

Ok well that was kind of stupid, and now I feel like I might as well be brain dead but whatever. It is what it is.

Anticipating...our move to Georgia in March. Evan will be going to Fort Benning to complete his Captain's Career Course Training which is 6 months long. I'm not exactly thrilled that we are moving to Georgia, lets just say its not my dream state to live in. My northern girl heart breaks a little more each time we move further south. I'm absolutely dreading a sweltering Georgia summer; I'm convinced I'm going to melt. But, I am excited to explore a new place and the possibility that I will close to Krysti. Next month we have to go look for a house, which will be fun. I love looking at houses! I think that will make it feel more real that we are really leaving Tennessee. When we first moved here I thought I would be indifferent when it came time to leave. Part of me is ready to move on and see the other places the Army might take us, but I am so sad to leave all the amazing friends I've made here. The Army is such a unique community where, I'm convinced, you make friends that become sisters more quickly than anywhere else. The girls here are so close to my heart; I already know they will be lifelong friends. I feel honored to have gone through a deployment with them, and I couldn't have survived without their company. Lastly, Tennesee the place where Evan and I had our first home together, which is especially sweet to me. We are taking our  time and enjoying every minute we have left here, as eager as we are to "see whats next."

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