Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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So last time I tried this whole blog thing I utterly failed big time. I think I posted once everyday, and then I realized I had a real life and things to do, so I stopped, started again, stopped, then started again sporadically. This time around I decided that it doesn't matter if I only post once every 6 months. It's MY blog, who really cares how often I post except me. Last time I was more concerned with it looking and sounding interesting...I was trying way too hard.

Reasons for all this:

* Sometimes I have great ideas but nowhere to write them down. I've tried a journal, but my brain thinks faster than my hand can write. I get frustrated, and stop. This might make all these swirling thoughts easier.

* I think it's important to document our lives. People are interesting, period.

* My friend Krysti has been telling me all summer I should blog.

* If this sucks, I'll try to come up with better reasons tomorrow. haha

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