Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well this past weekend, Evan's parents and grandma came to visit. Basically we overate and hung out all weekend. It was pretty great. Before company arrived however, we were out of napkins. These are the napkins Evan bought:

I love that man.
Even though he thinks I'm a little crazy with the organic food and recycling sometimes he still takes the time to buy these. Score.

This is Scout wearing my flower headband while I was cleaning for company.

I didn't take any pictures of our adventures while Evans family was here...oops maybe next time. Saturday we drove to Nashville to Bass Pro Shop, which the boys loved, us girls...not so much. I did get Scout a bone and a moose that looked like a platypus, no wonder it was in the clearance bin. The platypus moose no longer has a face anymore so I guess it didn't matter anyway. As I type this hes working on tearing off his tail.
After a little shopping we ate at Athens Family Restaurant in Nashville, TN; It's one of my favorite places to eat in Nashville. They serve Greek/American food that is out of this world! It's small, but as soon as you walk in the aroma tells your tastebuds you won't be sorry. Inside it's pretty simple with white walls and the traditonal Greece blue color curtains, but there is a cozy, family feel that makes it relaxing. I usually never order vegtables when I eat out becuase they are never good, but I could exclusively eat just their mixed veggies! The portions and presentation of the food is outstanding. I ordered one of the lamb specials of the day: Lamb stew over a bed of rice. The lamb was so tender it fell apart! The rice had great flavor by itself, I have no idea what spices and broth they cooked it with, but I had a hard time not overeating. I really don't think there is a bad thing you could order! I walked out with a full box of leftovers too!

After dinner we drove down the main street in Nashville since it was raining (bummer). But we did see all the blinking lights, big gitars, and life size cowboy boots. I don't LOVE Nashville yet, but I can say that I love all the music that is in that city. Anywhere you walk along the tree lined streets you will see and hear people singing and playing. It's great that all the restaurants have big open windows to the street with live musicians singing their hearts out. I haven't walked down another street like it yet!

We finished up the weekend by sending off our company for the long drive home to Pennsylvania this morning. This afternoon we took Scout for a hike, played battleship, and watched a whole lot of SUV. Now this is the time of night I'm dreading work tomorrow...oh Monday why must you be the weekend ruiner.

This is me beating Evan at Battleship. (The only game I can beat him at)
Secretly I'm super competitive when it comes to games. Ok, maybe that's not such a big secret.

Scout is pooped from a big weekend and so am I. Goodnight!

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