Sunday, March 4, 2012


Friday night Evan and I went to dinner with another couple. We had such a great time! Both of our husbands are deploying together this time around, so it's nice to get to know someone to hang out with once they are gone. All things aside, I potentially altered our friendship. I did it again. I brought on the awkwardness.

Somehow I always manage to make a totally normal conversation completely awkward at some point. Maybe it's just me over-analyzing the situation, you tell me.

I might have used the words "lock and load" when describing the top of my suit. And described that I specifically order this suit to ah...exemplify my current (lack of) boobs. Oops. Don't worry, they laughed, but in the this-girl-is-crazy kind of way. Oh Meredith, why, why, WHY. Maybe I should limit my table topic choices.

Here is my suit; isn't it cute?

Obviously I don't have that whole situation going on on top, but the description totally sucked me in. "Love lift? Crave cleavage? Get the perfect level of push-up, with removable padding for extra oomph." Umm YES! But, as I was perusing Victoria Secrets suites, I noticed something. Some of the pictures are more awkward than my actual dinner conversation. 

 This one looks like she's about to pull down her bottoms to go a really dramatic way.

 Sometimes I lay on the beach rubbing sand all over my sexy chest too! It's not a big deal OK?!

I don't understand why she's so angry...maybe it's the suit?

Don't these swim suites automatically look way cuter just because of the more natural/non hardcore poses?

Dear Victoria Secret,
All of your suits are super awesome. But, just to let you know your angry hardcore models aren't selling any suits to me. I like these natural girls to actually look happy and comfortable. I know I'm not on a PR team or anything, but I'm sure most people would agree. 
Just letting you know,


  1. I was just looking at VS suits last night! Too bad stupid Asbury has the website blocked and I can only see them tiny on my phone :(

  2. VS = Porn. lol I remember Erica laughing in my face whenever I explained to her I couldn't look at a bathing suit she was looking at embarrassing...and all Asbury's fault!