Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday was glorious. 

I had off due to Election Day. That meant sleeping in, cleaning, and relaxing. It was a good-feeling kind of day. Having a random sunny day off just made it that much better. Another good thing about yesterday is I cleaned my bathroom. This means my entire house is clean all at the same time. This might the first time this has ever happened in the history of me being a wife. I thought about going shopping to try to find a few things for my spare room, but I made the wiser choice of taking a nap. Hey, cleaning a bathroom is hard work!

House: 649 Meredith: 1

 I took my duvet cover off to wash it. It doesn't look as pretty, but duvet cover or not, I love my bedroom.

 Proof of my clean bathroom!
I can't promise it will last, but I'm trying really hard for Evan's sake. I will say, having a clean bathroom is one of the best feelings ever. I have to try not to get mad at Evan when he comes home and takes a shower, because that means it's technically dirty again. (Please notice the reflection of my make-up brushes on the counter top...impressive I know.)

My view from the couch, as I was sitting on my bum watching Nanny 9-1-1.
Anytime I get the idea that a baby is cute I watch a few episodes of it. (I may or may not have thought a baby was cute. I thought about stabbing my eyes out for a millisecond.) That show will scare anyone into not having children. Horror, absolute horror.

 When Evan gets home the first thing he does before he dirties my clean shower, and after hes mauled greeted by Scout, is make a cup of coffee and gives me a coffee kiss.

 Just us.

Scout was extra cute yesterday, he's loving this new warm weather!

 Evan trying on his new socks for deployment. The stocking up has commenced!

Scout napping on his new dog bed we've appropriately named Lucy, since Scout thinks its his girlfriend. He's so weird.

After Evan got home from work, we hung out and drank coffee and tea. It was such a nice day we left the living room door open to get some fresh air in the house. Scout wasn't complaining on that decision. The TV buzzed creating background noise, but we were just happy sitting together on the couch. We didn't talk, we didn't make-out, we weren't even snuggling, but neither of us paid much attention to the TV either. The closer we get to deployment, the more we tend to do this. Just being happy being together.

 Later that evening, we had a big Army meeting to be briefed on the upcoming deployment. I personally thought it was stupid. Then again, that might be my opinion on most Army-related meetings. I tried to talk Evan into taking a bottle of vodka with us to make it more bearable, but he gave me stop-being-ridiculous look. Dad is such party pooper sometimes. We arrived and were told the meeting would last 45 minutes...I translated that into meaning 1 1/2 to 2 hours. By the end of the meeting (1 hr 45 minutes later I might add) the look on everyone's face told me they wish I had brought a bottle. Mostly it was wives scribbling notes vigorously of dates, telephone numbers, and pointless information all with worried looks on their faces. Too bad nobody told them all those details will change another 5 times. I didn't bother writing anything down. I guess I'm officially a hardened, and slightly bitter Army Wife.  

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