Monday, March 19, 2012

The little things that I love about Mr. Slee:

He always wears a watch
He drinks too much coffee
He never swears: ever
He is literately prepared at all times for any situation possible
He can make the perfect cup of tea, just like I like it
He acts so serious and guarded
He is knee slapping sarcastic/funny and one of the easiest people to talk too
He pays the bills and balances the checkbook
We sing Taylor Swift songs together. In the car. With passion.
He loves manly things: guns, hunting, camo, push-ups, etc.
He has no interest in football or video games
He doesn't care about what others think about him
He graduated Summa-Cum-Laude 
How he has a habit of twisting the rabbit ears of his shoe laces when hes done tying them. It's cute ok?
He hates spending money
He keeps both of our cars spotless
He loves pretzels, peanuts, pop-tarts, and popcorn
He always writes me letters over e-mails when we're apart
He has, and will always have, short hair
He will buy anything from anyone door to door, he just can't say no
He knows a lot about tea...which is funny because he doesn't really drink it
He is one of the hardest working people I know
He has a whole library on leadership and theology books
He hates large crowds of people
He wears his glasses smashed between his eyes
He puts extra pepper on everything
He doesn't have wisdom teeth...seriously, how lucky is he?
He loves his job
He can cook better than I can
He likes the AC vent in the car blowing on #3...never #4
He has to know the kitchen is clean before bed or he can't sleep
He is better at picking out jewelry
He never avoids conflict 
He believes the first day of Buck Season should be a national holiday
He doesn't like to swim or ski
He knows everything about anything
He buys me food instead of flowers
He is always bouncing one of his legs while hes sitting
He is annoyingly smart, and aces any test without having to study
He has been to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Germany, Ireland,       Afghanistan, and would hop on a plane anywhere in a minute without thinking   

So I might be missing him a little bit, I'll admit it. 

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