Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Weekend

This weekend my parents came to visit!
Our weekend consisted of a lot of overeating, doting on Scout, and hanging out. The big stop of the weekend was Antique Archeology in Nashville.

 If you watch American Pickers you will immediately know what I'm talking about. My parents are obsessed with the show. Mike Wolfe (the tall skinny one) opened a store in Nashville to sell his "picks." It was in a pretty cool old building.
The Rents
 There were a lot of unique things, which were pretty cool and definitely one-of-a-kind. The prices were kind of expensive, but if you found something you liked, you know you wouldn't be finding something like it anywhere in your lifetime. The majority of the merchandise was t-shirts, key chains, posters, etc. Overall it was a pretty neat place to see!

 Unfortunetly everything I liked was not for sale. (The clock above and this awesome coffee table) Lame.
To overcome my sadness I smothered bbq sauce on pulled pork at Bar-B-Cutie for dinner. It made up for the lost coffee table and clock. At the end of the weekend we had a fridge full of leftovers, a little more junk in the trunk, one exhausted puppy, and a messy house. But, it was all in the name of time well spent together.

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