Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unconventional Valentines

I think Valentines Day might be one of my favorite holidays, next to Halloween. Even if you don't have a hott date, it's basically a day to love other people. Getting a Valentine's Day note at school or in your mailbox is like hitting the jackpot. It just makes your day 1,000x better.

You know the usual boxes of heart shaped chocolates, dozen red roses, or an adorable bug-eyed stuffed animal, all complete with a sappy love card. Don't get me wrong, I think all that stuff is great, but for some reason when it comes to Valentine's Day Evan and I never actually do the usual things one is supposed to do to celebrate it. We didn't decide to do unromantic things, it just kind of happened every year, so we just dumbed it tradition! It's not out of spite, I guess it's simply because we don't go with the crowd, or like crowds in general. If we are together on Valentine's Day we usually do the complete opposite of what couples normally do. When Evan wasn't away at Asbury, an Army school, or deployed here are some of the things we did.

Valentines Day 2005: Zombie Movie...Instead of seeing the classic Valentine's Day chick flick. We were the only ones in the theatre on Valentine's Day, now that's romantic!

Valentine's Day 2008: I have no idea what we did on this Valentine's Day. Ergo I assume it wasn't anything Valentine's Day esc.

Valentine's Day 2009: If I can recall correctly I believe we ate at McDonald's, then drove around the back roads of Kentucky. (We were poor college students)

This year we had the ultimate romantic night: we went shooting guns.

 All joking aside, I actually have a really good time when we go together.
 Evan's target on the left, and mine on the can be the judge on who won! I might get super competitive.

So in love.

After shooting we stopped at Dunkin Donuts.
Donuts and coffee...the boy knows the way to my heart!

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