Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A few weeks ago I visited my sister-in-law in South Carolina. I can easily see why people rave about this place. The mature vine-wrapped, moss-covered trees line the roads and shade horse pulled buggy's that rattle and creek down the old brick streets. The clops of the horses feet bounce down dozens of narrow ally ways all at once. They disappear into delicate wrought iron gates, that guard spindling vines, blooming flower boxes, and secret doorways. The charm. Good lord, the houses! 

Here are just a few pictures of beautiful Charleston, SC. 

I would be so happy, just to walk through that gate everyday.

Amazing details on all of the houses!

Isn't this the cutest, tiniest house ever?

Yes, I would love to come in...Please?

Now that is a porch!

How couldn't you be swept up in this historic place? More on my trip later!

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