Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Contrary to popular belief, Krysti and I did more than eat lots of delicious food and act like paparazzi towards our dogs. OK, so our Instagrams were embarrassingly plastered with dog pictures, but that is beside the point. (To be fair, we forewarned every follower involved) We gladly made some time to hunt for some things to get a jump-start on Krysti's apartment. She is starting from scratch, so we were looking for anything and everything. 

 Krysti found this gem stuffed under a table. She is planning on using the inside as storage for cute blankets and trinkets, slapping a piece of glass on top, and using it for a coffee table in her new place. The picture doesn't do it justice! Its nicked, worn wood, smoothed over with years of love. This old chest has personality! It's going to look like something out of the pages of pottery barn, expect for a fraction of the price. We almost couldn't believe that it was only $30!

This cute rustic milk-can has such an amazing texture about it. (Again my crappy iPhone doesn't do it justice...reminder to self: stop being lazy and use my real camera) You could set it by the front door to hold umbrellas, put a round piece of worn wood on top to use as an end table, or simply fill it with tall, wispy florals as a decoration. Krysti snagged it for a mere $15!

She also ended up with an awesome shelf for next-to-nothing, a lamp, and some old medicine bottles! Basically, her new future apartment is going to be the cutest place in town.

I found these small, rounded flower pictures for my bathroom for $6. I have to admit I have zero things for our master bathroom since I used all of my "cool" bathroom stuff in the main hallway bathroom. That way, when people visit, it looks like my house is totally put together...haha oh the deceitful web of interior design lies that I weave!

By the end of the day, we had so many things, that we ended parked in a tow zone (oops) with our thirfty finds littered around us on the sidewalk. The shelf and the chest were not fitting. We stood there rearranging things for a solid 25 minutes in the sweating hot heat. For a brief 10 minutes, we thought it wasn't all going home with us. Thinking back, we probably looked like wild, crazy hoarders at that point. Finally, the shelf magically fit in the back of the car after trying 2,438 different ways. Success! 

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