Friday, June 8, 2012

Pizza Pie

So I'm finally back from my beach vacation! Somehow I'm still pale...sigh...I guess I need a whole month at the beach to do myself any good. Right now I'm busy planning my 5 year class reunion that is this Sunday, and celebrating my little brother's 20th Birthday today! (Why did I ever think this summer was going to be sluggishly slow?!) I feel like making apologies for disappearing for a little bit, but I'm not. I'm picking right back up where I left off with Krysti's visit...I'll catch you up from there, how about that?

If I do say so myself, Krysti (My friend from college who came for a visit) and I are quite the talented cooks. One of my favorite things to make when I have people over is pizza. I know I've done a post for pizza before, but guys, its just so good! I can't help myself. Everyone loves pizza, there are about a million different combinations and toppings to chose from, so everyone can pick exactly what they like! Its a little messy, but totally worth every ounce of flour spilled on the floor! We turned up some music and got to work on our classic cheese pizza. 

I've noticed a common theme with Krysti and I. Every time we do something together we blast music. We're kind of professional road-trippers, late night food eaters, and dance party junkies. All of these memories have a song to go with them. Sometimes its dance-your-heart-out music, sometimes its so chill we have a hard time staying awake, and sometimes its sad music. What I love about our music craze, is every time I hear a certain song on the radio or my ipod, it takes me right back to what we were doing. Standing in my kitchen making pizza together will always come to my mind when I hear this song!

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