Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meredith Currently...

Obsessing over...Teen Mom. I can't help but indulge my trashy MTV side! Come on...I know you watch it too.

Wishing for...a boat. That's totally realistic right?
Saturday my family was invited by close friends to go hang out on their new boat. I didn't think I was usually a boating kind of girl, but I've found a new-found love of everything that has to do with water, sun, and a strong breeze. It was heavenly! I tried tubing, water skiing, and swinging off a rope swing. I was kind of terrified, but I was more proud of myself for trying it all despite the fact I felt like I was going to have a heart attack the majority of the time. After, we spent time just cruising down the Allegheny River enjoying the absolutely perfect day. I didn't have a single thing to complain about.

Thinking about...Shoes. They are my weakness if you don't already know.

Anticipating...getting down to Lexington to visit my friends, and then eventually making my way back home to TN. It feels like I've been in Pennsylvania with my parents for a month, when in reality its only been a week. In my mind the sooner I get home, that means the sooner I start back at work, which means the sooner Evan comes home from Afghanistan. 

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