Monday, June 11, 2012

Things That Drive Me Crazy

In no particular order...

1. People who are on their phone when I'm talking to them.
2. Angry lights. Aka bright overhead lights, table lamps and soft glow bulbs were invented for a reason.
3. Wash cloths
4. People who wear too much perfume.
5. Cigarette smoke.
6. People who leave their Christmas lights up past February 1st.
7. Children singing.
8. Leggings. They are not pants.
9. People who don't use their turn signal.
10. Sleeping without a fan/air machine. It's basically impossible.
11. The sound of someone filing their nails.
12. When towels aren't folded a certain way.
13. Blowing my nose.
14. People who think they don't need to blow their nose.
15. Nosy people.
16. Any movie/book having anything to do with Nicholas Sparks.
17. Feet.
18. When people get a dog only to make it live tide up outside.
19. Those who don't use doggy bags...would you be upset if I pooped in your yard and left it there?
20. People who don't flush after using the bathroom.
21. Flossing (especially when you have braces).
22. People who chew with their mouth open.
23. Kirby men.
24. The word soda, its pop.
25. Slow walkers.
26. Sitting forever at the doctors office.
27. Not remembering my password.
28. Mumbling.
29. Line skippers.
30. Taylor Swift haters.
31. Fitted sheets that don't fit properly.
32. People always have pet fur on their clothes. Two words: Lint Roller.
33. People who bite their fork/spoon when they eat. (Wonder where I learned this one Krysti Leonard)
34. When a vending machine eats my quarters.
35. People who push their tongue against their front teeth when they smile.
36. Judgement. People are so quick to judge!
37. Disrespectful children.
38. Stubbing my toes on the same piece of furniture repeatedly.
39. People telling me how to do my job a "better" way, which is usually the harder/longer way.
40. Cheap tippers.
41. People who won't make eye contact when they talk to me.
42. Hotels that don't give you enough towels.
43. Tom and Jerry. They are always ruining a perfectly clean house!
44. Techno music.
45. People who aren't conscious of what looks good/bad on their body type.
46. The American food system.
47. Unfair teachers.
48. Multiple traffic lights in a row that aren't coordinated.
49. Styrofoam.
50. Loud me crazy but some pillows crinkle too loud when your head is on them


  1. I found myself nodding my head on almost all of these!!

    1. Thanks Kait! Its kind of a relief to know I'm not the only person out there who thinks the same thing!