Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Evan is always so patient with me, even when I'm being anything but pleasant to be around.
In the morning he has already been dressed, takes care of the dog, eaten breakfast, driven to work, and started PT (working out like a man) before I even hear my alarm.
He works a 12 hour day like it's no big deal, and then comes home to help me with whatever I need.
Playing with Scout
Balancing our checkbook
Making sure the bills get paid
Keeping up with the cars
Mowing grass
Helping me organize anything in my disorganized life
Aka all the things that I don't have a clue about...sadly cooking is included.
Nothing is too much for him.
Gosh I love him.

Marriage had made me more aware that I'm an innately selfish being. I have a lot of shortfalls. With friends its easy to only care about yourself and get away with it, but when you get married its a whole new ball game. If you're rude, stingy, or unwilling to compromise you have to sit and stare in awkward silence at the person you were a complete jerk too...because you live with them. They aren't going anywhere. You can't be Regina George and banish them from the club. 

What if marriages were created to reflected how God loves us? God loves us despite our weakness, screw ups, and complete, utter failures. This is how Evan loves me, he is so naturally selfless. I've probably told Evan 200 times (not joking) "I promise I'll try to keep my clothes picked up." Not once has he said "LAIR! That's what you told me the last time and you didn't do it! I'm sick of you!" When I fail he always comes to me with forgiveness, understanding, and blunt honesty all coated mercy. I could tell him to suck it up, that's how I am! But, I'm currently policing my room of mess in return because I know it bothers him. Don't get me wrong he has his moments too, but that's what I signed up for: Loving the good and bad.

Basically my mind has been blown so many times this week trying to wrap my brain around the absurd amount of patience, mercy, and grace that I'm given on a daily basis. 


  1. Just the fact that you are able to see, admit, and understand where you fall short and where you should work harder makes you incredible. Evan is lucky to have such an amazing wife!

  2. Thanks Krysti! I don't feel amazing...I actually feel like I am a lot more flawed that I origanally thought...But I'm trying! Remember how messy I was at school? That is no more! (for the most part haha)