Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm finally at my new job full time, and so far it's going pretty good. I'm still learning the ropes, but it's mostly a lot of detailed paperwork mixed with patience. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was working both jobs at the school and nursing home, which made my life a non-stop work 7 days a week. I was too tired to do anything after I got home. The most I could accomplish was a shower, a cup of tea, and zoning out on the couch. I'm more thankful than ever to be working one job from 7-2...and having off on the weekends, just makes it that much sweeter. Yesterday after work I went to the store, picked up my paycheck, unpacked, went out to dinner, bought a lap, completely reorganized our closet and dressers, and I didn't feel like a zombie walking around!

Christmas break was a little bit of a blur. It was great to see everyone, but the main feeling I had about it was 2 things. #1: I was so glad to come home. Home to my own house. Gosh I'm feeling like such a grown up...all joking aside. Pennsylvania is still home, but now it's a different kind of home. Now it's my parents house, not my house anymore. 

#2: I can't believe a year a go my sweet bunny boy found me. I can still hear Evan saying "The one thing you better not have when I get home is a dog." ....oops. Just a few days before Christmas someone plopped him in a snowbank and left him there to freeze. He was so scared he couldn't move.  He really did come at the right time, whether Evan thinks he did or not. Scout kept me busy all of those long months that Evan was deployed. He makes me laugh with his obnoxious yawning noises. It broke my heart a little bit when I switched him from puppy food to adult dog food this summer. But there were other times I wanted to kill him, especially when he chewed all my Victoria Secret bras and underwear to shreds...or just recently knocking my christmas tree down after opening presents that were not his! All killing aside, he has become such a sweet and obedient dog. Any stranger is a new best friend to him. We are now our own little family. As much as Evan pretends to dislike him, I've found them snuggling on the couch together a number of times...Everyone in our family loves him so much...I'm pretty sure Scout had just as many presents as we did this Christmas.

Apart from all the bones, biscuts, and toys that Scout got; I received a breadamker, a fondue pot, new pillows, and a sweet tripod for my camera. I can't wait to try out all the great stuff!

Not to shove a thousand thoughts into one post, but I just had to mention my favorite kids. I got to take their pictures while I was home.

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