Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last night Evan finally got his iPhone.
-Angels singing-
As we were sitting on the couch, he was trying to figure everything out.
Out of nowhere he blurted out in frustration:
"Like if I'm researching Taylor Swift's music video "Ours," only stupid stuff comes up!"
Seriously, he is so funny.
My only response was: "Do you realize how ridiculous that would sound to anyone else who knew you? The first thing you're looking up on your iPhone is Taylor Swift music videos?"
And he tries to be so matcho.
Believe me, I'm not complaining...we're both huge Taylor Swift fans.
He was genuinely a little upset when I went to her concert in October with Krysti without him.
I think after he realized he would be the only male there without a 7 year old daughter screaming her brains out, he didn't feel so sad about missing it.

Dear Taylor,
We love you. Is that creepy?
If you need adopted or something we would be up for the job.
Maybe something less committed: how about dinner?
We're only 40 minutes from Nashville.
I mean you named your cat Meredith after me right? We're already like family.
The ball is your court Taylor.
The Slee's

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