Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blurry Vision

This week has been a blur. But a good blur. Scout and I are both sitting here exhausted. 

I've been puppy sitting, cleaning, packing, shopping, cooking, making to do lists, finishing up the school year with a bang, all while having an awesome visit from Krysti (and her pup Whitacre). Its a good thing Krysti is just a puppy obsessed as I am. Things got a little furry around here if you know what I mean. Saying my house is a tad furry, would be an understatement. Tomorrow my sweeper is calling pleading my name. 

Things to do:

Meet with the kid I hired to mow my lawn while I'm gone
Look at getting my mail forwarded/held
Clean my entire house: baths/beds/clothes/kitchen/dust/sweep
Clean out the fridge
Get Evan's phone shut off
Get my hair cut
Mail Evan's package (that I still haven't sent after a week...)
Pack for Pennsylvania & South Carolina
Pack Scout's bag
Refill and replant the hole to China that Scout dug in my backyard
Order my glasses
Hopefully pick up our pictures I ordered
Sushi date with Lisa
Put gas in the car

My list of things I have to do before I leave for Pennsylvania on Thursday is kinda overwhelming, but I'm sure I'll get the important things done. For now I'm pushing away the million things I have to do by focusing on Friday. Friday my bum will be covered in my cute new suite, getting a free skin scrub from the sand, while the sun kisses my pale skin to tan perfection. Oh dear Lord I can't wait! 

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