Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meredith Currently...

Obsessing over...getting into a new routine. With Evan gone, I don't have my usual being married and in love schedule, so I'm coming up with a new one. Currently it includes a major revamping of my evening time and trying new things. I hate finding myself just sitting in front of the TV, especially when I know there are better things to do. I let my house get messy, especially without Evan there to help me. I have a big goal of acquiring organized habits to keep my house spiffy. I need to figure out a daily and weekly chore chart for myself. For now I'm starting small, I've been trying to put things away as I use them. I'm horribly notorious for using things and just leaving them where I last used them, instead of just putting them away. I'll let the peanut butter jar sit on the counter instead of reaching 6 inches and setting it back in the cupboard...stupid I know, but its so hard to do for me! I'm trying here, OK? I've also become mildly obsessed of trying to figure out a new work out routine. I kind of want to start running. When I say kind of I mean everything in my body is screaming NO, but I know I could enjoy it if I could get past the part of wanting to die. My butt, abs, arms, and legs could use some toning too...I'm so weak its embarrassing. 

Wishing for...some new music for my ipod...I haven't updated my iphone in months...maybe even a year. Strangely enough, I've recently discovered how much I love Opera. I always loved listening to symphonies and classical music, but thought Opera was just plain outrageous sounding. I've changed my ways. I've been an Opera listening fool and I'm already planning a visit to the Nashville Opera! 

Thinking I still need to blog about Evan leaving. 

Anticipating...the next 8 months or so. I'm wondering how this deployment will be different than the last one. I have a feeling it will be easier and harder all at the same time. Easier because we've been-there, done-that. Harder because we're a real, married team now. Its hard to feel like part of a team when one of the members are MIA. I guess we can only hold on, enjoy the ride, and see where it takes us.

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