Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

As I had mentioned before, this past Saturday was a lot of fun. Kaylee (a fellow Army wife) came up from Nashville and we went antiquing at my favorite location: This Old Place. I try to only go there once in a blue moon because I always have to get something. Aka I always spend money (Sorry Evan). They just have too many good things to pass up! I restrained from buying about 100 more things that my eyes saw. I ended up with 3 things. 

This shelf was $12. I'm trying to decide if I want to put it in my bathroom or the spare bedroom.

My rings never leave my hands, even when I'm doing dishes or cleaning. Evan told me if I ever lose my engagement ring, he won't be buying me another one. I believe him. Therefore, they are permanently glued to my fingers. I don't know how exactly how I'm going to use this, but I couldn't pass it up for $1! It looks so sweet and delicate.

This star is awesome. I like the fact that it was unique because it was 3D, and who doesn't love grey? Evan's Grandma and Great-Aunt make every grandchild in his family a quilt for their wedding gift. The star pattern in my quilt almost matches this star pattern exactly. When we were checking out the lady tried to charge me $20 for it...oh don't worry I caught it. For $15 its the perfect accent in my spare room! This room still has a long way to go, but its slowly coming along.

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