Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out with the new, In with the old!

So this week has already felt like its been a little bit too crazy. I'm not sure how this is even happening considering its just me at home with no definite ever. This past Saturday Lisa and I hit my favorite antique/junk store in town The Old Place. Here is our awesomely cute finds!

 We found this bench for Lisa to use to decorate, it was only...hold on to your pants...$7.50! It looks like something from Pottery Barn, except we didn't have to sell our first born children to have it! The vase to the right with flowers was $3 (I think). The cute little clear bottle beside it is a honey bottle with the cutest little saying/graphic on the front of it. ($7) I honestly can't remember what she paid for the two jars on the left, but I can promise you they were cheap! She also snagged a lamp for her living room and an awesome old rustic window like this one: 

for $15! Overall Lisa found some great things; her house already looks more moved into than mine does! 

 This is my first plate to hopefully be apart of my large plate collection for my wall. $2
 This cookie jar was $9. Its possibly one of my favorite things in my kitchen! Not to mention milk and cookie together...get it? 
 Although I didn't buy this, it was an old storage tray/box that was pretty neat. It was only $15 and I've seen the same things in a Pottery Barn magazine for $50! Eventually I'll buy a few of these to have sitting on the coffee table and fill with my cute trinkets and decorations. 
 Our next stop was carpet. We were told by a friend that this carpet place in town that sells leftover carpet for next to nothing. We found Carpet Flooring America in Clarksville, and our eyes nearly pooped out of our least mine were! They had rolls and rolls of carpet to choose from. Lisa got an 11x11 ft piece of carpet for only $60. We were seriously finding all of the good deals this week!
 They even gave me some carpet cleaner when I had mentioned that Scout had managed to drag all of the dirt outside, inside. I run the sweeper almost everyday, but there is only so much that will do. I highly recommend going there!
 Would it be weird to want to do a photo-shoot inside this carpet place? Because that's the first thing I thought of when I walked into it. It would be strange wouldn't it? I promise it would be awesome! Maybe someday if the owners don't think I'm completely crazy.

This is where I sit in the lunchroom to receive/send emails. It cell phone service in the teacher's lounge is like going back to dial up...if it even decides to work at all. I can't believe there are only 2 weeks of school left. Needless to say, I'm just a little bit excited. I can't wait to be off for summer. I'm so lucky to have a job that this happens!

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