Saturday, April 7, 2012

25 Years Young

Happy Birthday to Evan!

My man is 25 today. 25!!! I seriously can't believe how fast time flies. I guess it is true that time flies when you're having fun. I'm so proud of all the amazing things Evan has accomplished in his short 25 years of life. This morning we slept in, drank coffee, and made egg bagel sandwiches for breakfast. He left today before lunch to drive home for Easter week. Hes going too see all his family before he deploys. Scout and I are staying here since I have to work Monday. It stinks since he just got back from Louisiana...I mean who said I should have a job anyway? Oh wait, I think it was those things called bills! haha Despite Evan taking a family hiatus, Scout and I have some plans to keep us busy. I'll update you later this week on those projects!

I congratulated Evan on having our car insurance come down since he was considered an old man now. He was actually pretty excited about it too and added: "Well, now that I got all the cool birthdays out of the way, the next birthday to look forward to is 65 when I can retire." Perfect, you only have 40 years to go! 

(I might or might not have ignored Thirfty Thursday on purpose....Sorry! I had no motivation to upload the pictures I took...It's coming soon I promise, I have some awesome clothes to show!)

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