Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Oh honey, I'll find you a deal. Don't worry your pretty little mind about that.

 ^ ^ Old bedroom dresser turned into a TV stand. ^ ^

I know these are crappy pictures but this is my vintage bedroom set.
(Not my pictures, but this is my set)
 It looks way cooler in person, I promise. 

It's an Art Deco Kent Coffey Perspecta bedroom set. When I was shopping for furniture for our house, I knew didn't want any cheap pressed wood junk. It can be pricey, not to mention the wear and tear of the Army moving us a lot doesn't exactly hold up well. I knew I could get solid wood (even if it was a little out of date and beat up) for next to nothing. I found this set in a thrift store for $250 with a metal bed frame, minus the night stands. They had sold the night stands separately when someone was interested in them, and the set had been sitting there awhile (I'm still mad about that). At the time I had no idea that the set was considered vintage designer furniture. I simply picked it because I thought the details of the X's were neat, I loved the art-deco streamline look, and the amount of drawers the two dressers were an added bonus. 

 A few nights after purchasing my bedroom set I was on craigslist and noticed a lone dresser that looked exactly like mine, only it was listed for $500, labeled as a rare Kent Coffey piece. My mom and I acted liked two kids trying to not explode when we realized my bedroom set was the exact same! Many of these sets sell for a  minimum of $1,000 (even with my set not having end tables). Money in the bank for this girl. I'm not selling it anytime soon, but its nice to know I can actually make money back, instead of having to throw it away or practically give it away. Just another reason why I love thrifting. 

Research old furniture that has names, usually located on the inside of a drawer, before you buy them. Today its easier than ever, especially with smart phones. You never know what you might have! I simply got lucky the first time around. My TV stand (first picture) I snagged it off a lady through craigslist for $60, who didn't know what she had. I happened to not mention I knew exactly what it was...oops. 

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