Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Saturday Night

Our Saturday was the usual here. A lot of sleeping in occurred with fluffy stack of pancakes to follow.

Scout enjoy them too!

After breakfast we decided that we would head down to Nashville and check out the Opry Mall. It is located right beside Bass Pro Shop which makes it a prime location. (Drop your husband off at Bass Pro and you can shop without playing 20 questions before you purchase anything!) I'm just kidding, actually Evan is usually a pretty good shopper as long as I buy him a pretzel and slushie at some point. The original mall was flooded and they had to completely re-renovate the entire mall. It just opened back up a few weeks ago. We got there early, but it was still packed! The first store I walked into my eyes and this top connected; It was meant to be. I did the first thing I always do, look at the price tag. $200 stared back at me. I told Evan we should just leave this store now, because I didn't want to look around and have my heart broken. The mall itself is really nice, most of the stores are high end, but there are places like Forever 21 too. I might want to add that the Forever 21 was HUGE! I'm talking as big as a normal Wal-Mart. I was standing there trying to not look like I was from po-dunk town Pennsylvania, but I failed. I didn't even know where to start! It wasn't a bad problem to have.

A lot of the basic tops I have are either too big, or washed to ruins. I got these 2 v-necks at J. Crew for $14 each. I was also looking for jeans, but I had no luck in that department.

Delicate lace skirt from Banana Republic for $20. 

We got home and took a nap, because spending money takes it out of you. Made tacos for dinner and then let Scout being weird to entertain us. (We also bought pop with chips and dip...rebellious I know)

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